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Cannabis connoisseurs can rejoice. Within the last decade, legal restrictions on the use of this popular product have loosened considerably, to the point where people can purchase it from licensed dispensaries. This is great since it means there is a lot of product on the market, but it also poses some difficulties. How can you make sure you get the highest quality product for your budget? Even more pressing, can you even access it?

​Hidden Valley Clones seeks to address these questions by offering carefully cultivated clones at reasonable prices with delivery services. We, as a cannabis clone delivery service, don’t have a physical storefront. Instead, we can schedule meetings with anyone anywhere in the Carlsbad region of San Diego and drop off the product.

The word “clones” can scare people off, but it isn’t as frightening as it sounds. A cannabis clone is a plant which has been successfully grown from a portion of another plant. A professional gardener chooses a cannabis plant with desirable quantities and will cut off a part of it. They then plant it and can grow it under ideal conditions.

Cloning allows us to have greater control over our cannabis’ THC levels so there is a consistent level of quality in our product. Our gardeners can also make sure none of the plants are male so there are therefore no seeds in the finished product.

The process poses no danger to the consumer but does allow Hidden Valley Clones to sell cannabis at lower prices than competitors. At the moment, we offer three different types or strains:  Indica, Sativa, and hybrids.

First is the ever popular Indica. An Indica strain is the classic cannabis type. These can be found mimicked in popular culture like movies and TV shows. They are known for producing the signature “high” which makes a person relaxed and sluggish. One of its effects is jokingly known as “couch lock,” when a person becomes so relaxed that they can’t seem to get up off of the furniture. We currently sell the following: (Blackwater OG, Do Si Do, Fire OG, Gelato #45, GG4, and Romulun).

The opposite of an Indica strain is the Sativa. These are nowhere near as common as Indica, but definitely have their place. These unique products can help people calm down and then give them incredible focus and motivation, which aids in getting work done. A lot of users choose this style of cannabis when they need to relax but still need to accomplish something. Because of their relative rarity, Hidden Valley Clones features three types:
(CherryGasm, Durban Poison, and Sour Diesel).

Sometimes you want something that isn’t an “extreme” high or low. When this is the case, consider purchasing a hybrid. We develop these products by combining and Indica strain with a Sativa one. The result is cannabis that has a multitude of effects, including relaxation, energization, and creating an overall calm great for healing. We currently sell the following: (Animal Cookies, Apple Fritter, Blackberry Kush, Cherry Pie, GMAC, Holy Grail, OG Kush, Mimosa, Mendo Breath, and Wifi 43).

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