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Despite being stigmatized for decades, cannabis possesses a lot of benefits for users. It helps with relaxation, has been approved as a painkiller during the healing process, and can even help people focus and become motivated. Without so much stigma, dispensaries have popped up throughout California. In San Diego alone, there are quite a few options available to you. How can you pick the best one?

Well, you need to find a good mix between quality, price, and how easily you can get it. Dispensaries are packed and can be out of the way, so you’re going to want to find another opportunity that serves Escondido. In terms of quality and price, the best cannabis clones can often be ridiculously expensive and out of budget. To avoid this, consider contacting Hidden Valley Clones.

We have developed a highly innovated process by which we use the best genetics for all of our clone strains to create the highest quality of cannabis while still being affordable for people on a budget.

​Cloning is a gardening process where a grower picks a plant with desirable qualities, cuts off a section, and the pots that portion. This means that we can have a consistent level of quality for all of our products and strains since we are maintaining the same HTC and maturity levels of our plants.

Cloning also cuts costs for you, the customer, since the process simplifies are cultivation. We can even control what “gender” the plants are, so there are no seeds and lots of flowers to make more product. Through cloning, Hidden Valley Clones can now offer twenty (20) different types of cannabis clone strains. The three ones we work with are Indica, Sativa, and hybrids.

Indica strains are the quintessential cannabis for relaxation. Using this product can cut down stress levels and help the user mellow out. It’s so effective that fans of it call its effects “couch lock,” where they are so chilled that they don’t have the willpower to get up off of the furniture. We currently offer the following: (Blackwater OG, Do Si Do, Fire OG, Gelato #45, GG4, and Romulun).

Sativa plants are slightly different. These strains have an energizing effect on humans and can really aid in concentration, focus, and motivation without making someone jittery. They aren’t as popular as Indica, but we still have three types: (CherryGasm, Durban Poison, and Sour Diesel).

Finally, there are the hybrids. Hybrids are specialty plants that don’t grow naturally. Instead, they develop when our growers mix a Sativa with an Indica to get the best of both worlds. Hybrids are flexible in their effects but can help a person relax while still giving them the energy they need to get work done. For hybrids, we have the following: (Animal Cookies, Apple Fritter, Blackberry Kush, Cherry Pie, GMAC, Holy Grail, OG Kush, Mimosa, Mendo Breath, and Wifi 43).

Don’t let the number of available options weigh you down. When you search for "cannabis clones for sale near me", contact the experts of Hidden Valley Clones. We can meet you anywhere in Escondido or North County to deliver the product while ensuring quality and affordability.

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